Your beauty is intimidating

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Enter Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer (I used light-medium honey in the photos, but light-medium would also work.) I’m not the most practiced at applying makeup.

And stuff like contouring is something I’m going to need WAY more time to get right.

This left me with some scarring on the temples of my head.

While they have faded a little with time, I don’t think they’ll ever 100% go away.

One of the most obvious facts about me is that I love lipstick (hello, I wear it every day). And it comes with the tiniest, most adorable pink spatula to fetch the product with; the lip mask is quite solid, so you'd actually have to scrape at it, and who knows what's living underneath your nails.

💀Since it's quite thick (and you know, it has "sleeping" in its name), you should def use it at night.

With diminutive stoves, limited fridge space, and no dedicated dining area, many urbanites may shy away from the prospect of hosting altogether.

Here, the city's best chefs and small-space experts share their tips for throwing a successful (and delicious) feast, even in the tiniest of cribs.

On top of the Ana Maria-where-is-your-head list: makeup remover.

Blunt haircuts make girls look too harsh, and they're not contemporary — if her hair is too structured, it can be distracting and intimidating.

Thanksgiving dinner can be a daunting task for anyone, but it's especially intimidating in your average New York City apartment.

One thing I appreciate is that it feels light, since I make it a point to only buy super-lightweight makeup.

When I put on a few dots, it seemed almost too heavy initially, but then it blended out beautifully.

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This may come as a surprise to a lot of women, but guys are much more perceptive when it comes to visual cues than we're given credit for.

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