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(You also don’t hear much about what it’s like for the person who triumphed through gumption and is now stuck working for a manager who responds to gimmicks over substance.) For some reason, gumption advice just won’t die, despite being uniformly terrible. What’s the weirdest or worst gumption advice you’ve heard?

Every so often, you’ll hear a story about someone who got a job using this kind of “gumption.” You do not hear as much about the many more times that it didn’t work and instead just made hiring managers cringe/roll their eyes/call security.

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One time, my brother was 12 and I was 15, our parents called us both into the living room to discuss something with us.

We were both on the couch facing mom and dad, when suddenly our mom brings out a used jockstrap.

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" He then suddenly pulled his shorts down showing his crotch. He then laughed harder and said "I guess I'm the bigger brother now." I yelled at him after that and I said shut up and that I'm still his older brother so he still had to do what I said. He took my left hand and put it in my shorts, and he put my right hand inside his boxers.

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