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This is true of even the smallest manufactured homes.Manufactured Homes With “Green” Materials Manufactured home builders are now offering “green” upgrades for those who wish to buy a manufactured home but want it to be a very environmentally conscious purchase.The choice to use environmentally friendly items for construction such as siding and treated wood is making a huge difference in the way manufactured homes are being presented.Homeowners can help do their part to keep the Earth healthy and save in the long run on their energy bills, as well.The total cost of these items should be low enough that if performed, a homeowner retains enough equity in the home to come out ahead if the home is sold.Determining which items to fix can be a juggling act; decisions on what to fix needs to be made based on practical considerations.

It’s not impossible now to have a bathroom with a bathtub, shower, toilet, a sink (or two) and even a sauna incorporated into the design.To decide if a manufactured home is worth remodeling, it's necessary to study the top market value of the home after certain repairs or upgrades are installed.Find a realtor who specializes in mobile homes or speak with the mobile home park director about improvements and value.These include homes that are over 25 years old, and especially those homes built prior to 1976.Lending institution guidelines generally exclude manufactured homes built prior to this date, so a potential buyer for a property this old cannot obtain a loan.

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There is no point in remodeling if the cost of repairs cannot be justified by the ability to obtain a higher value after the remodel.