Sexual predators on the web

Posted by / 16-Jun-2017 23:20

Sexual predators on the web

Bloated government agencies will continue to fleece taxpayers while eroding our liberties.Government technicians will continue to spy on our emails and phone calls.The shootings and SWAT team raids and excessive use of force will continue, because the police unions and the politicians and the courts won’t do a thing to stop it.

Unless something changes in the way we deal with these ongoing, egregious abuses of power, the predators of the police state will continue to wreak havoc on our freedoms, our communities, and our lives.

Case in point: Rather than scaling back on America’s endless wars, President Trump—like his predecessors—has continued to expand America’s military empire and its attempts to police the globe.

The National Security Agency that carries out warrantless surveillance on Americans’ internet and phone communications will continue to do so, because the government doesn’t want to relinquish any of its ill-gotten powers.

In other words, everyone who was anyone knew about it.

They were either complicit in allowing the abuses to take place, turning a blind eye to them, or helping to cover them up. And it’s not just sexual predators that we have to worry about.

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For starters, let’s go back to the basics: the Declaration of Independence, the U. We need to stop being victimized by these predators.

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