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Pua online dating second message example

I always send a follow-up text a couple of days later if I don’t get a reply.Typically, I will make a bit of a joke in my message or call her out (lightheartedly) as someone who doesn’t reply.He’ll also stand out from all of the other guys who are waiting, trying to look cool even though they’re thinking about her all day. The window of opportunity after meeting a girl is short.Take advantage of that short time while you’re fresh in her memory.Instead, look to keep the text ratio close to 1:1 and text the girl about as frequently as she texts you.” – The Art of Charm As long as you keep it simple and to the point, the exact wording isn’t too important.

It’ll often look like a guy is trying too hard, so just stick to the basics.In my case, I actually set up first dates at home which is a bit more complicated.I won’t go into that on this post though as it’s much more advanced than setting up a coffee. If you want the same highly effective message that I use to get tons of dates, then click here to get your template.Sometimes it’s just a matter of persistence and timing, and that’s where following up comes into play. There’s only one reason to text a girl you’ve just met – To set up the first date.Don’t get confused by so called pick up artist trying to sell you “The Ultimate Guide To Texting” or any other complicated junk.

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