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However, because the celestial origin of crucifixion in solar myths is that the sun crosses over the celestial equator, the heavenly sign of the equinoxes, the image of a crossover in the sky would be a cross like the Greek letter Chi (X) not a Plus ( ).(Warning: Atheist website The evidence that Christianity was in its beginnings firmly rooted in an Egyptian-style, equinoctial mode of thinking still abounds today.The Catholic church actually believes in the transubstantiation of this ceremony, instituted by St.Thomas Aquinas in the 12 The scholar Tom Harper states: The divine teacher is called, is tested by the adversary, gathers disciples, heals the sick, preaches the Good News about Gods kingdom, finally runs afoul of his bitter enemies, suffers, dies, and is resurrected after three days.Nevertheless, he unambiguously said that Christianity borrowed the cross and the concept of dying for the sins of mankind.Therefore, Christianity is rehashed paganism and the New Testament is recycled pagan myth! So the cross that the victim was suspended from was actually a crossbar, and perhaps in those days this was called the cross.For your very standards, as well as your banners, and flags of your camps, what are they but crosses gilded and adorned?Your victorious trophies not only imitate the appearance of a simple cross, but also that of a man affixed to it." [1] The pagan roots of Christianity are clearly indicated by this confession.

"Although surprising to us now, to writers of the first few centuries CE these similarities between the new Christian religion and the ancient Mysteries were extremely obvious.

The Christians created the tradition that during the three days while Jesus was dead before his resurrection He went to hell and preached to the souls in prison.

Significantly, Plato, who follows the Orphic and mystery teachings throughout his dialogues, has the following to say, in the Republic II (362e), referring to the just man: "What they will say is this, that such being his disposition the just man will have to endure the lash The doctrine of salvation by crucifixion had, like many of the ancient forms of religious faith, an astronomical origin.

Pagan critics of Christianity, such as the satirist , were understandably disturbed and resorted to the desperate claim that these similarities were the result of diabolical mimicry.

Using one of the most absurd arguments ever advanced, they accused the Devil of "plagiarism by anticipation," of deviously copying the true story of Jesus before it had actually happened in an attempt to mislead the gullible! He wrote a book called "The Errors of the Profane Religions." He found that many of these pagan religions of the Roman world had Saviors or Redeemers.

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In reading the New Testament we must cease to think of the man Jesus, and even of the Son of God, and think of him rather of the sun of god, for this is a solar myth, and its dying hero, a dying sun. The Roman Catholic Church adopted the cross symbol at least 600 years after Jesus was supposedly crucified.

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