Is charlie dating the waitress in real life

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Is charlie dating the waitress in real life

Victor groomed Viki to take over the family business, local newspaper the Banner.Then she became involved with Joe Riley, defying her father's wishes.Clint and Viki married, and Clint adopted her two sons from Joe. Niki Smith, Viki's wild child alternative personality, resurfaced after it was revealed that Victor had had an affair with Viki's college roommate Irene and had sired a daughter, Tina.Even after Niki Smith divorced Clint, Clint was there for her and helped bring Viki back to the surface.Originally said to have been born in 1943 Year of birth later revised to 1946 when it was revealed she was 17 when Megan was born in 1963 Died and went to heaven during operation [1987] Died and went to heaven in a car accident [2008] Died and went to heaven after being shot by Allison Perkins [Jan 2012] Former waitress at the Bonjour Caf in Paris, Texas Owner and publisher of the Banner Former president of Llanview University Member of the board of directors of Llanview Hospital Former mayor of Llanview (1990) Former reporter and executive assistant to the editor at the Banner Roger Gordon (pre-1968, annulled) Joe Riley (1969-1970; presumed widowed) Steve Burke (1972-1974; divorced) Joe Riley (1974-1979; widowed) Clint Buchanan (1982-1985; divorced) Clint Buchanan (1986-1994; divorced) Sloan Carpenter (Married: 1994; Deceased: 1995; deceased) Ben Davidson (Married: 2000; Widowed: 2004; deceased) Charlie Banks [Engaged: Jun 8, 2009; married: Aug 4, 2009; divorced: May 11, 2011] Victor Lord (father; deceased) Eugenia Randolph (mother; deceased) Meredith Lord Wolek (half-sister; deceased) Tony Lord (half-brother; deceased) Tina Clayton Lord Roberts (half-sister) Todd Manning (half-brother) Victor Lord, Jr.(half-brother) Brian Kendall (half-nephew; deceased) Clinton James "C.

After many twists and turns, Viki decided to divorce Steve and remarried Joe. Dorian Lord, who was mostly interested in Victor's money.She lost her mother when she was five years old and was raised in a strict WASP home by a domineering father, who longed for a son but instead was saddled with two daughters, Viki and her sister Meredith.Viki spent her formative years trying to please her father and be everything he ever wanted.Viki then was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and underwent complicated surgery.She died on the operating table and went on a fantastic journey to Heaven, where she was reunited with deceased family members and friends who encouraged her to return to Earth.

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Viki then discovered that her brother-in-law Larry Wolek's wife Karen was a prostitute, and Karen tearfully admitted to Viki that she was being blackmailed by Marco Dane.