Irv gotti dating

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Irv gotti dating

The G-Unit boss apparently finds the scene funny because she was a member of Taz’s Angels, a popular escort company.

He says he’s no longer with the woman who’s 20 years younger than him.

Posted by Bossip Staff Yesterday, on the Wendy Williams radio show, Irv Gotti reportedly admitted to having an affair with Ashanti while he was the ‘married’ CEO of Murder Inc.

He also admitted to being on Viagra and E’d up when he was hittin’ Ashanti during their affair.

However, he then backtracked and owned up to it, saying he "hit the wrong button."In another strange social media-related story, a couple fans recently ran up on Joe Budden and tried to record him as he was getting out of his car in his driveway.

Obviously, Budden didn't appreciate the surprise attack and eventually threatened to kill the young Snapchatters. Everyone knows the REAL."Irv Gotti has yet to comment on the video that his girlfriend released to the public.

Gotti says 15-year-old girls are now trying to look like Kylie so that they can attract Black men, and that's what's making White people racist.

First, he denied his involvement in the post, saying he was hacked. A post shared by Irv "Gotti" Lorenzo (@irvgotti187) on And things could have gotten messy in the comments but Irv Gotti addressed things not working out in a pretty mature way. We also posted a couple bonus shots so you can see Ashley rubbing up on fellow former Angel Demi Rose recently. More of Irv and Ashley’s sweet swirl love when you continue…In the latest move of the ongoing feud, 50 posted some new jabs on Instagram.One picture features Irv in a car selfie with Ashley Martelle.

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Irv Gotti just got put on blast in front of the entire Snapchat world.

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