Dominic purcell dating

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Dominic purcell dating

Luckily, she made a full recovery and is doing fine now.

Source Currently, Brooke Burns is living in Los Angeles.

Source In 1999 the beautiful star married Julian Mc Mahon.

They surely seem to be an amazingly happy couple and it looks like this time Brooke has really found her better half.

She broke her neck and was found by her friend who was a former firefighter who steadied her neck and called an ambulance.

Presently, her neck has titanium fusion in form of a plate rod and on top of that; ten screws. The star is also known as a fashion model, Brooke impressing with both her beauty and her ability to act and deliver great stage performances. She has been a ballet dancer for 12 years during her childhood.

Brooke and Julian had one child together, a daughter, Madison Elizabeth Mc Mahon. After the split from Julian, Brooke dated famous actor Bruce Willis. After a relationship that lasted 10 months, Brooke and Bruce separated. However, in 2005 a tragic event occurred in Brooke’s life.

Unfortunately, the actress broke her neck in a driving accident.

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She is an exceptional swimmer taught by her father who was a professional swimmer.