David miller dating

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David miller dating

But when it comes to dominating the slopes at the beginning of ski season, your everyday routine of squats and deadlifts will only go so far.

Jump off one leg onto the box, making sure to land softly on that one leg. Miller’s pro tip: “I step down slowly, which helps increase the eccentric load on the legs.

You can also switch your position, so your legs are on the slack line and hands are on the box. How to do it: Hop on one leg up a flight of steps, or an equivalent distance up a hill, as quickly as you can. Standing on one leg, reach for each marker around the circle, trying the whole time to maintain your balance on that one leg. Side plank (one forearm on slack line, other hand on slack line to support).3.

Miller’s pro tip: “This strengthens each leg individually by simulating that low squat position you’re in while skiing, via isometric holds and controlled motions.

He’s not just a ski bum, either: Miller made his TV commentating debut for NBC in 2015, and he's signed on as chief innovation officer at Aztech Mountain, the Aspen-based ski gear brand, after being impressed by one of their jackets during a surprise snowstorm in the Andes.

(“I spend most of my life in winter jackets,” he admits.) Here, Miller details his go-to skiing workout routine.

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“Put your feet on the box and your hands on the slack line, or vice-versa.

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