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His tenure was full of success: developing both the agricultural and industry of New Spain, and improving public education, communications and the postal service.He ordered the first thorough census of the vice royalty which counted a total of 4,483,569 people (mostly in Mexico).THE EL PASO TIMES described the leader of the Bath Riots as "an auburn-haired Amazon." She sparked an uprising against a policy that would change the course of the history in El Paso and Jurez for decades.Some even consider her a fronteriza Rosa Parks, yet her name has been mostly forgotten.Murgua's cavalry, known as "el esquadrn de la muerte," was rather intimidating.

When immigration and public health service officers tried to disperse the crowd, the protesters hurled bottles, rocks and insults at the Americans. Fort Bliss commander General Bell ordered his soldiers to the scene, but the women jeered at them and continued their street battle. The protesters laid down on the tracks in front of the trolley cars to prevent them from moving.

Another motorman preferred to hide from the Mexican women by running into a Chinese restaurant on Avenida Jurez.

Carrancista General Francisco Murgua showed up with his death troops to quell the female riot.

Three or four female rioters clung to him while he tried to escape.

They pummeled him with all their might and gave him a black eye.

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