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Celadon continued to be produced in China at a lower level, often with a conscious sense of reviving older styles.

Longquan celadon wares, were first made during the Northern Song, but flourished under the Southern Song, as the capital moved to the south and the northern kilns declined.

As with most glazes, crazing (a glaze defect) can occur in the glaze and, if the characteristic is desirable, is referred to as "crackle" glaze.

Archaeologist Wang Zhongshu states that shards with a celadon ceramic glaze have been recovered from Eastern Han Dynasty (25–220 AD) tomb excavations in Zhejiang, and that this type of ceramic became well known during the Three Kingdoms (220–265).

Large celadon dishes were especially welcomed in Islamic nations.

Since about 1420 the Counts of Katzenelnbogen have owned the oldest European import of celadon, reaching Europe indirectly via the Islamic world.

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The main color effect is produced by iron oxide in the glaze recipe or clay body.

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