Beard dating websites

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Beard dating websites

Or rather, I was nominated by my colleagues to do so as the unofficial pro-beard spokesperson of our facial hair debate.

After liking a fair amount of dudes and their beards—even messaging several—I only got a few responses.I was expecting to get a few laughs, and then see it fade away. " Indeed—upon first investigation, I saw that there were users aplenty (male and female) from all over the U. ("A well kept beard is a lovely thing, and a very inviting thing," advised Kershaw when I asked him why he thinks facial hair brings people together.) When I asked him what he would guess is the percentage of users on the site seeking love instead of laughs, he said he wasn't so sure."There's definitely a scale from fun to serious, but in the middle it seems really vague," he said.Whining about the perils of singledom may be more popular ever, but it's never been easier to find a bespoke boyfriend.No matter your religious beliefs, random interests, very random interests—even dietary restrictions—there's almost undoubtedly a dating site, or app, for that.

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So I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to learn about Bristlr, a "social network" for guys with beards and the people who love them.

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