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His responsibilities include patrol operations, the Marine Unit, Traffic Unit, K9, SWAT/HNT, PTO Unit and the Neighborhood Officer Program. During his 20 year career at the FBI, he worked in the Miami, Palm Beach County and Tampa field offices, where he served in numerous supervisory positions.Major Johnson is a graduate of the Southern Police Institute’s Command Officer Development Course and numerous other mid/executive level leadership courses. These included, but are most certainly not limited to, overseeing a Joint Terrorism Task Force, administrative oversight of outreach with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies,internal consultant for the FBI, managing emergency response protocols for critical incidents and providing leadership training to hundreds of new supervisors.He was assigned to the narcotics unit from 2006-2008, where he worked both street level and federal investigations with the DEA.Johnson was promoted to sergeant in 2008 and supervised a road patrol shift.In 2013, Johnson implemented the Police Training Officer (PTO) Unit.He supervised the PTO Unit from 2013 until he was promoted to captain in 2015.Harris is a graduate of the Command Officer’s Development at the University of Louisville’s Southern Police Institute.

Major Mike Johnson began his law enforcement career in Minnesota in 2000.A/C Snow is also a trained FBI Intelligence Analyst, who during her time with the FBI’s West Palm Beach Office, specialized in domestic terrorism and sovereign citizen activity.She remains proficient in this knowledge and travels the country providing instruction to police agencies and governmental organizations about this topic.A/C Snow is a member of the Florida Bar and operates a boutique legal firm in which she specializes in property and estate law.A/C Snow also serves as the General Council and Senior Instructor for the School Safety Advocacy Council and specializes in bullying issues and the potential for legal litigation facing both schools and communities in addressing such cases.

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In January 2015, she assumed command of the Support Services Division. Joseph De Giulio was promoted to Assistant Chief of Administrative Services in May 2017.